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Sage 300 On-Line Now Available in Canada and USA

Move your business forward get Sage 300 Online for $69 per month

Is your growing business facing challenges that your basic accounting solution cant handle? Does it slow you down? Are you getting a complete picture of your business?

Your solution? Move up to Sage 300 Online, a full business management solution in the cloud for $69 per month*!

Use a cloud business management solution.

Sage 300 Online is a complete business management solution that you can access anytime, anywhere online through an Internet connection. It provides everything you need to support your business growth, including integrated business intelligence, robust financial, and sales and operations management capabilities. Sage 300 Online connects departments, remote employees, and branch offices so you can collaborate in real time in the bank-level secure Sage Data Cloud.

For $69 per month*, move from your accounting package to Sage 300 Online, a full business management solution that will help your business be more responsive, accelerate collaboration, and eliminate complexity.

Be more responsive

  • Accelerate operations with real-time access to information and drive a 33% year-over-year increase in operating cash flow.
  • Quickly get financial information using Sage 300 Online for a complete picture of your business.
  • Be more responsive making customer order commitments from anywhere, accessing Sage 300 Online inventory levels, costs, prices, and returns.
  • Make business decisions up to 74% faster using Sage 300 Online, with efficient collaboration across your teams, using real-time information.

Eliminate the complexity

  • Get more control and eliminate the complexity of maintaining your business software, and reduce operational costs by an average of 13%.
  • Follow best practices and always stay in compliance using audit controls and current payroll taxes because Sage 300 Online is always up to date.
  • 58% of best-in-class companies are using current up-to-date software; Sage removes the IT headaches by taking care of all upgrades and enhancements for you.
  • Increase productivity using a complete vendor purchase workflow in Sage 300 Online, without having to maintain separate spreadsheets.
  • A company data breach costs a lot of money . Sage 300 Online data is bank-level secure in the cloud, with full control over user access.

Improve collaboration

  • Accelerate collaboration across all of your departments and gain up to a 25% increase in revenue year over year.
  • Improve customer response times; process cycle time and overall employee productivity by letting your teams work together in real time with vendors, accountants, and clients.
  • Outperform the completion by up to 81%. When all of your departments are integrated perfectly, you provide customers with a better experience.

Sage 300 ERP 2014 is now available on a Subscription Basis

Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage ACCPAC) is now available on a monthly subscription basis. The new pricing model recognizes that businesses need to manage their cash more effectively. By spreading the cost of the software over monthly payments, businesses are able to better manage their cash flow and avoid a large up-front investment each year.

"Subscription pricing is just getting more pervasive," said Joe Langner, executive vice president of midmarket ERP and CRM solutions, Sage North America. "[And] cash flow is still king with our customers."

The option of an affordable monthly payment provides users with unlimited access to Sage support, Sage 300 Knowledgebase, Sage University courses and product updates and upgrades.

There is no lengthy minimum term contract to sign (120 notice required for cancellation) and users can be added or removed based upon business needs and circumstances. This provides a high level of scalability for any business and provides on-going peace of mind knowing their systems will always be running at optimal levels.

Pricing begins at CAD$75 per user per month for the Financial Bundle (General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Multi-currency, Optional Fields, Intercompany Transactions, National Accounts and System Manager), and $120 per user per month for the Distribution Bundle (Financial Bundle plus Inventory Control, Order Entry, Purchase Order and Serialized Inventory). Add-ons such as CRM named users and Canadian Payroll are also available on a monthly subscription basis.

The traditional perpetual license model with annual maintenance fees will still continue to be available.

Both perpetual and subscription fee licenses are installed onto local servers and workstations. A hosted solution is also available for an additional fee.

For further information or to obtain a quotation, please contact Equity Business Services Inc. at 604-874-9080 or ehoy@equityinc.ca

CPA Professionals can Streamline the Implementation of your Accounting System

A CPA-CGA Accountant, knowledgeable in Systems Technology brings a unique perspective to your business operations.

Information Technology is an increasingly complex area and companies need to continue to adapt to changes over time. Significant time and cost is required for a CGA to stay current with the latest technologies. If you are thinking of using the services of a CGA for IT consulting, it is important for you to do your homework and interview the CGA to assess their IT qualifications.

Qualified CGAs have the experience to plan, coordinate, supervise, execute, and assess the outcomes of your IT strategy. They will have access to a team of IT professionals that can carry out the IT implementation. The CGA implementation team will include accounting system analysts as well as IT specialists in software, hardware, and networking.

There are plenty of IT consultants who are quick to answer the question of HOW to get a specific IT function to work. The HOW of doing something, however, should always be balanced with other questions of WHY, WHAT, WHO, and WHERE. The training a CGA goes through forces them to examine all questions before proceeding with a solution. A knowledgeable CGA will examine IT alternatives, not just promote a single quick solution. They will look at an organization's resources to assess whether the IT solution will complement the business and its long-term strategy. An IT knowledgeable CGA will ensure that the IT solution provides meaningful results with an effective and efficient use of business resources.

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